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By registering on this website you agree to the following rules and rights therein and responsibilities associated with using/posting ads on the site.

Attention! These rules apply to both free and paid ads, which are published on the website adskir.com Violation of the rules of publication may result in permanent removal or limited access to the site for a long time.

General rules

1. Choose a section, the most appropriate category for your ad. Ads placed in the wrong category could be deleted or moved to a more appropriate place.

2. Ads Accepted for publication obtained only from a respective city and the surrounding region (specified location in the description must match the actual location of the object specified in the ad.) Example: "Studio apartment in New York, "the region specified in the description to be New York, not in New Jersey, Massachusetts, etc.

3. Do not promote, if the essential information or there are parts of about the advertised product, the conditions of its purchase or use, if the meaning of advertised information would distort and will misled consumers.

4. Prohibited to place ads containing a call for violence and illegal activities, discrimination based on nationality, race, religion, gender, and other characteristics, profanity, offensive language, including racial or religious nature, fraud and extortion.

5. We have a right to remove any advertisement without explanation or further notices.  


Prohibited publication of goods / services 

  • Explosives, waste explosives, explosive materials;
  • Poisons
  • All types of rocket fuel, special materials and production equipment, special equipment personnel of paramilitary organizations and normative - technical products for their production and operation;
  • Instruments and equipment using radioactive substances and isotopes of uranium and other fissile materials and articles thereof;
  • Results of scientific - research and design work, as well as basic exploratory research to create weapons and military equipment, encryption technology, and normative - technical documentation for its production and use;
  • Adult services and materials;
  • Services related for adults;
  • Narcotic, drugs and psychotropic substances;
  • Counterfeit goods and stolen property;
  • Materials that would violate privacy, infringing on the honor, dignity and business reputation of individuals and legal entities, materials containing state, bank or trade secrets;
  • Materials that violate copyrights and / or related rights, trademark rights, patents;
  • Goods / services subject to mandatory certification or licensing, in the absence of certificates, licenses;
  • Counterfeit money;
  • Shares and other securities;
  • Ready theses and term papers, and other documents confirming education, training. skills;
  • Medicines, food supplements, medicines, medicinal raw materials derived from reindeer herding;
  • ethyl alcohol, alcoholic beverages and tobacco;
  • Human organs and tissue donor services (rent / sell blood / semen, etc.);
  • Spam database, databases, which contain sensitive information (such as a real estate database, E-mail - addresses, phone numbers, addresses, registration, etc.);
  • X-ray equipment;




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