- Requirements for filling fields in advertising.

- Types and cost to promote your advertisement.

- Paying for your promotions with points.


Requirements for filing fields in advertising:

Title and Description

1. Headline should match its contents, don't use repeating interrogative, exclamatory, and other signs.

2. The ad should contain the most detailed information about the product / service you are offering / looking for.

3. The text ads are not allowed description features of the selling products, it is advertising.

4. In the title and text ads are not allowed to use upper case, except for the first letter capitalized words and proper names.


1. The price should correspond to the actual price of the object / service.


1. The photo should contain, shown only the proposed item/service.

2. Max picture size should not be over 1MB

3. Up to 25 pictures per ad.


1. The video should match the content of ad, i.e. contain information about a particular product / service.

2. Should not contain adult content.

3. Should not contain commercials.

4. Video accepted only from the following websites: and

5. To place a video simply add your link in the video section.


Types and cost to promote your advertisement 

On our website all classifieds in all categories are free. But you can promote your advertisement to make it more noticeable.
We have several options to help you promote your ad:

1) Promotion “First”- The advertisement will be rising up in the list of ads in your category and will have light blue background.  Your ad will stay on the top of the list in your category until another person purchase the same spot for their own ad. When the same spot is purchased the previous ad will be moved to the second place (under the new ad) until another spot is purchased and so on.

Cost - $2 (or 2 points)



2) Promotion “Border” – The advertisement will be published with its border in the list of ads.

Cost - $1 (or 1 point)


3) Promotion “Background” – The advertisement will be distinguished with a background in the list of ads.

Cost - $1 (or 1 point)



Paying for your promotions with points.

For your convenience we have added the “Point System” to promote your advertisements. 

1 Point = $1

You can save up to 30% when you buy a “package of points” to promote your advertisement.

You can purchase your points under the “Points Packages” Tab.

5 points = Cost $5

10 points = Cost $8

20 points = Cost $15

50 points = Cost $34




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