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Avanu WebMux Network Traffic Manager Load Balancing Solu. 

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WebMux Network Traffic Manager Layers 4-7 Local Load Balancing Solution Mid-size to Enterprise-size Businesses.

The WebMux A500X (Single Power Supply) and A500XD (Dual Power Supply)  are  affordable and  powerful  network  traffic  management appliances for managing,directing, controlling,  and  securing Layers 4-7 local network traffic.

WebMux  provides high-reliability  and   high-availability of  network traffic to its intended destinations by means of placing development emphasis on intensive algorithms that are  built on the powerful  64- bit  processor platform   providing feature-rich performance  using the  best in  class  server-grade hardware that  offers  8-core  CPU processing power  and  ASIC SSL acceleration.

WebMux  is easily  configured and  added to a  local  network  as a plug-and-run appliance. With an easy graphical user interface (GUI) design setup, trouble-free high performance, low maintenance, and ongoing new feature additions and  enhancements, WebMux meets the  most  demanding traffic load  balancer needs for an  extensive TCP/IP and  UDP/IP range of applications and  services.

Why spend more than you need for high performance and  reliability? WebMux  is  an  affordable 64-bit  strength load  balancing  solution for managing, directing, controlling,  and  securing Layers  4-7 local network traffic.

Other  common names  for  network  traffic  management products include  load   balancers  (LB),  hardware  load   balancers  (HLB), network load  balancers (NLB), local traffic managers (LTM), and application delivery controllers (ADC).


True plug-and-run installation  with AVANU’s no cost pre-configuration service option

Easy front-panel LCD and  GUI with setup wizards for  popular applications  Supports extensive range of TCP/IP and  UDP/IP applications and  services Powerful 64-bit processing High throughput performance (3.8 GB)

8-core CPU processing power  Feature-rich integrated software Four load  balancing operation modes (One-armed single network,  one-armed out-of-path, two-armed NAT, two armed transparent modes)  Full-range load  balancing scheduling methods  Robust security (DDoS protection, Flood Control®  feature for cybercrime protection, IPv4 to IPv6, TCP SYN protection, up to 8192-bit  TLS/SSL encryption strength, TACACS+ and  LDAP authentication, and Payment Card  Industry/PCI compliant)  IPv6 to IPv4 Translations (Supports IPv6 client requests to

IPv4 servers) Custom health  check (Application services, servers, and server farms) Built-in SSL termination ASIC SSL Acceleration Supports up to 5,000  servers  Dedicated port for out-of-band and  in-band management access  Server-grade error correcting code (ECC) memory Solid-state drive/SSD  media reliability

Hot-swap dual  power  supply options (80 Plus Gold Efficiency) Smart temperature controlled fans Self-contained (No royalty or extra hidden costs) No additional maintenance contract needed with purchase (Includes full 2-year  limited product warranty  and  1-year  new software feature updates and fixes with product technical support)

30-day money  back guarantee.


Load Balancing Scheduling Methods

Least  connections, least  connections-persistent, round  robin, round  robin-persistent, weighted fastest response, weighted fastest response-persistent, weighted least  connection, weighted least  connections-persistent, weighted round  robin, weighted round  robin-persistent


Authentication Method:   TACACS+ and  LDAP Denial of Service (DoS) and  Distributed Denial of Service (DDos) protection

Flood Control® (Additional IP level protection for DDoS attacks) HTTPS/SSH management

IPv4 to IPv6 support (Two-armed NAT, Two-armed NAT Transparent, One-armed Single Network, and  One-armed Out-of-Path modes)

Network Address Translation (NAT/SNAT) 

WebMux A500X and A500XD

3.8 GB Throughput/sec (Max)

7.5 Milion Simultaneous Connections

8-Core  CPU Processor

8 GB (ECC) Memory

A500X (Single Power Supply  with option to add second); A500XD (Dual Hot-swap Power Supply  (80 Plus Gold)

50-60Hz;  95-130VAC or 195-235VAC

1U Chassis

Front Panel

Multiple address and  port mapping Payment Card  Industry  (PCI) Compliancy TCP SYN protection

Fan Failure / Overheat Indicator

 LCD   Keypad

TLS/SSL Encryption Strength (512/1024/2048/4096/8192-bit)


Dedicated port for out-of-band and  in-band management access

Email notification

In service/Not in service

Port Bonding (802.3ad, LACP-Link Aggregation Control


Port-specific services

Secure web browser access (GUI) SNMP

Fault Tolerance Application health  check Backup server

Diskless design

Failover via Ethernet link

Failover via multiple ISP links

Failover via network connection (Active/Standby)

Port aggregation Server-aware Service-aware

Management LAN Indicator

Management LAN interface link activity and  system power.


In-band and  out-of-band management network access

Remote control  of power-on and  power-off

Monitor temperature and  fans

Access to remote console for troubleshooting

FRU (field replaceable unit) inventory data

USB Port

Network alternative option for firmware updates and  to collect

log data

Management Port

Gigabit  Ethernet LAN to allow management (GUI and command-line) to be limited to a separate port for segregating management from load balanced  traffic

Backup Port

Used for two WebMux units in High Availability (HA) configurations.  Cat 5 or 6 Ethernet cable is auto-sensed to straight or crossover. Link status LED will be lit when connected.

Network Traffic Ports

Configurable Internet-to-Server load-balancing (Transparent, Single Network, Out-of-Path or NAT mode)

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